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The Addison Group (for Nippon Gakki - Yamaha) • Advanced Music Notation Systems • AIM (CDI production) • Charles Ames (Cybernetic Composer) • Apple Computer (QuickTime) • Apple Computer (Vivarium Project) • Apple Computer (Benelux) • Apple Computer (Belgium) • Articulate Systems (Voice Navigator) • The Associate Artists Opera Company • Bruce Babcock (McGyver) • "Rev" Dave Boruff • Case Western University • Stuart Challender (conductor, Sydney Opera) • Chicago University Press • Coda Music Technology • CompuColor • Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility • Stewart Copeland (film composer, recording artist) • The James Cotton Blues Band • Culver City Chamber of Commerce • James Di Pasquale (One Crazy Summer) • Dutch Computer Music Center (CMI) • Earth, Wind, and Fire (recording artists) • E-Mu Systems (Proteus 2) • European American Music (for B. Schott's Söhne) • Bob Ezrin (producer of Pink Floyd, etc.) • John Foley (Jesuit composer) • Dominic Frontiere (Stuntman, Color of Night, The Outer Limits) • Gordon Getty (Plump Jack, Ehemals) • Richard Glaser (He-Man and other Saturday morning cartoons) • Bill Goldstein (Hello Again, Shocker) • Jay Gruska (Shadow Dancing, thirtysomething) • Haines, Russ, McMurry, and de Recat • Herbie Hancock (film composer, recording artist) • Pat Hollenbeck (for John Williams' New England Time Capsule) • Holy Cross College • Alan Howarth (Hollywood sound designer, composer) • Doug Ingle (Iron Butterfly) • Intelligent Computer Music Systems (M and Jam Factory) • Ron Jones (Star Trek - The Next Generation) • David Kahn (producer of The Bangles, etc.) • LEGO • Michael Kamen (Mona Lisa, Lethal Weapon, The Wall) • Kansas (Steve Walsh) • Fred Karlin (Up the Down Staircase; "On the Track") • Michael Kaye (Les Contes de Hoffmann - Wiener Staatsoper) • The Kurzweil Foundation • Kurzweil Music Systems (K250 and 1000 series) • Mike Lang (Hollywood pianist, synthesist) • Otto Laske (computer music pioneer) • Oliver Leiber (song writer, producer) • Jeff Lorber (fusion artist, producer) • Mathew McCauley (Hollywood composer) • Tod Machover (MIT Media Lab) • Macintosh Entertainment Guild of America (MEGA) • Gene Mackels (WGBH - Boston) • Christopher Medak (director) • Robert Mein (Delta Force III) • Bruce Miller (Knots Landing, Amen, She's the Sheriff) • Paul Mirkovich (keyboardist for Cher) • Robert Moog (synthesis pioneer) • Patrick Moraz (Yes, The Moody Blues, Swiss Septicentennial ) • MusicNET • MusicWorks, Inc. • New England Conservatory • New England Telephone (for Mayor Flynn of Boston) • The New Metropolis (Amsterdam Museum of Science and Technology) • The Opera Quarterly • Chris Page (Hollywood composer) • John Andrew Parks III (recording artist: Planet Texas) • Trevor Rabin (Yes) • Bob Ralston (organist, formerly with Lawrence Welk) • Steve Reich (composer) • Joel Rosenbaum (Hollywood composer) • Steve Schaeffer (Hollywood percussionist) • Schirmer Books • Scripps College (Claremont, CA) • Stan Sheldone (Sheldon Music Services) • SUNY - Binghampton • SUNY - Cortland • SUNY - Stonybrook • Swiss Computer Music Center (Bruno Spoerri) • Yvan Tcherepnin (director: Harvard Electronic Music Studio) • Ian Underwood (Hollywood pianist, synthesist) • University of Utah • Vladimir Ussachevsky (electronic music pioneer) • David Vasser (Unsolved Mysteries) • Miroslav Vitous (Symphonic Orchestra Samples) • VPRO Television Network • W.G. "Snuffy" Walden (thirtysomething, Wonderyears) • Rob Walsh (Hollywood composer) • Burt Ward (actor, CDI developer) • Wheaton College • Alan White (Yes) • David Zicarelli (interactive software wizard) • Consultant and/or Beta Tester for: Advanced Music Notation Systems • Affinity Microsystems • Allegiant • Apple Computer • Articulate Systems • Coda Music Technology • Digidesign • Dr. T's Music Software • Electronic Arts • E-mu Systems • Farallon Computing • Graphic Notes • Great Wave Software • H.B. Imaging • Hip Software • Intelligent Music • Kurzweil Foundation • Kurzweil Music Systems • Macromedia • Macromind, Inc. • Mark of the Unicorn • Opcode Systems • Passport Designs • Silicone Beach Software • Southworth Music • Sweetwater Sound • Temporal Acuity

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