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Recent Music (2003-2004)

A Simple Melody (streaming or download) - GarageBand: Celina, Vocals: Steph, 2004
The "album art" is here!
note: Celina and Steph had about 2 hours to learn the software and produce this tune.
Sylphide (streaming or download) - piano: Celina, 2003
March of the Trolls (streaming or download) - piano: Celina, 2003
Oiseaux (streaming or download) - piano: Celina, 2003

Very Recent Photo Albums (2004)

Final Picts from summer 2004
Steph's backyard nature photos
Take me out to the ballgame! (Baltimore Orioles vs. Oakland A's)
Steph Discovers the Backyard!
"The Making of" A Simple Melody (see above)
Rodeo at River Valley Ranch
Riding together again
At the Catshow, Geocaching too!
Steph's Stork photos
Celie and Steph come home after 5 years!

Recent Photo Albums (2003)

16 Years of Celie and Daddy
My "iLife" Photo Album page
More (PW req.)

Earlier Photo Albums

Photo Album - Summer 1999
Photo Album of Celina and Direne in 1999
Photo Album 1994

Celina Yavelow

Celina's Web Site (made by herself - 2002)
Celina's PhotoArt Site (made by herself - 2001)
Celina's Home Page (made with Daddy's help - 1994-97)

Stephanie Yavelow

Stephanie's Home Page (made by herself (2002)
Stephanie's Home Page (made with Daddy's help - 1994-97
Press Releases
Stephanie is Molly in the musical Annie

Christopher Yavelow

Back in the USA in 2003, new site: ChrisYavelow.com (updated regularly)
Curriculum Vitae (updated 2004)
Bios (Various lengths and languages)
Music by Christopher Yavelow
"OperaNetta" COUNTDOWN - The first on-line opera!
"Interactive Multimedia" 1990 - Original Mac startup sound with Celie & Steph
Books by Christopher Yavelow
Press Releases
Are you looking for Christopher's company YAV Interactive Media?

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Here's what they say about COUNTDOWN - The first online opera!

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